Trademark registration

Trademark (TM™) registration in Ukraine

Selection of classes from Nice Classification
Examination of a trademark for goods and services
Preparation of a set of documents to be submitted for TM registration
Submission of documents for TM registration and control of the registration process
Obtaining a TM certificate

Cost of trademark registration

The final investment amount consists of the following components:

  1. The cost of legal support from Fidem Moris – from 3000 UAH
  2. Examination of TM before filing an application – from 1000 UAH
  3. State payments –4000 UAH for filing an application in one class in black and white, 5500 UAH – in colour
  4. Fee for issuing a trade mark certificate

Intellectual property is not an empty word in Ukraine (even if you think otherwise at the moment). If you have a trademark, you can always defend your rights if someone thinks your idea is great and plagiarism is normal. Fidem Moris will quickly cool down the plagiarist’s ardour, but you must at least have a trademark!

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