Corporate law

For a successful business, it is extremely important to properly formalise legal relations between the founders of legal entities and the legal entity itself. And the regulation of such legal relations is at the heart of corporate law. FIDEM MORIS offers you high-quality legal support for corporate legal relations arising in the course of your business. In the field of corporate law, FIDEM MORIS provides the following services:

  • Advice on choosing the optimal organizational and legal form of business;
  • Advice and recommendations on distribution of shares (interests), procedure for forming the authorised capital, structure and competence of corporate bodies;
  • Development of constituent documents of legal entities of all organisational and legal forms;
  • Development of current documents of a legal entity that define the relationship between the legal entity and its founders;
  • Arrangement and holding of founders’ and shareholders’ meetings;
    Introduction and state registration of amendments and additions to the constituent documents of legal entities, change of heads of legal entities, etc.
  • Legal support for reorganisation and liquidation of companies of all forms of ownership;
  • Drafting and support of transactions related to the alienation of corporate rights;
  • Ensuring protection of trade secrets;
  • Legal support in resolving corporate conflicts

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